Entry #1

first flash try

2008-03-19 20:20:04 by rainjirea

After many years only watching flash-movies. It is finally time to try to make one myself.
For the start i think a 08/15 stick-fight-less-story-noob-movie is enough to just learn the basics.
hmm, ok it will have a crappy story, it will suck. XD i will only submit it when it's worth at least 2 points not less. i think it as no sense to upload a 5kb first try flash without sound and no animation at all, so it will be fluid at least with proper sound and musik.

plan and goals for the first noobflash-attempt:

-crappy story: done
-only one on one fight (undone)
-small intro: done

mhh that should be done in 3-4 weeks

day1:edit: 300 frames (11 sec :( done)
day2:edit: 420 frames done (14 sec)
day3:edit: 520 frames done (17.3 sec only, i will never work with 30 fps again XD)
day4:edit: 711 frames done (23.7 sec)
day5:edit: 790 frames
day6:edit: 830 frames after 5 day, i will add story after episode 0. episode 0 will have at least 3-4000 frames and is only training to get better in flash.
day:7edit: 970 frames done 32 sec

after some problems, i had to start over, but my first flash is finished..

first flash try


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2008-05-25 17:51:34

Looks awesome already, I lie your art style.

rainjirea responds:

thx mate, but i'm not really happy with it yet, i will invest more time in the next one to get it more fluid and i want it better looking Oo.


2008-05-25 20:28:34

as far as effort goes, you got some serious flash skills there. if you are dissapointed with your script I'm a writer (though my stuff on here is comedy trust me I can write). just let me now if you want a hand or somethin. Best of luck!

rainjirea responds:

i'm not disappointed, till now i had no script, or better i didn't used one. i'll ask you if i need real help. thx


2008-05-25 22:13:10

You're so negative. Do you realize that your flash is about to become the daily feature?

Well either way, I sure do hope so, that would certainly be a surprise. :)